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[Project on hold until further notice]

Next Update: Probably August being realistic, any update before then will be minor details.

Demo Day 9 Edition!


Menu navigation:

W to scroll up S to scroll down Enter to select/pause


Arrow keys to move

X to jump

C to Carry

V to interact with levers/ Turn on and off flashlights/cars

B to kick things

Up key + B to kick things upwards


boss - a boss fight not in the traditional game currently

test - a test room to play with mirrors and junk

test2 - a sneak preview of the other lighting option, doesn't work well.


27* levels that gradually become more difficult as you play.

An imaginary friend goes on a journey to help their friend recover from nightly nightmares. Using his special ability of being able to interact with light he will overcome fierce enemies and challenges to bring peace back to his friends dreams.

You play as the imaginary friend in this puzzle platformer.


- Yellow light will raise you up to it's surface

- Green light will send you into the air

- Red light hurts you

- Get to the other bed to win.

*as of 1.1.1, more to come as they're made.

If you want to track the progress of this game between updates you can follow me on tumblr at: http://lightandshadowdev.tumblr.com/

Game updates every Monday.


1.0.10: Light works a little better, type test2 to mess with the new lighting system.

also: 1.1.x isn't going to be happening until light works perfectly, which is coming soon(tm)

1.0.9: Apparently I'm horribly inconsistent with these. Controls updated on suggestion so we'll see how it goes, I think it feels better comparatively. Crates can be pushed around by walking into them but that's pretty much it for this update.

1.1.8: Lighting is fully functional, nothing really new other than that. Optimization is going to happen before continuing progress though outside of level design.

1.1.7: Backgrounds added to all levels most of which are placeholder for now. Shadow blocks are more visible search lights have colors to them. Kicking is a thing press C to kick! Levels remastered.

1.1.5-6 apparently I just forgot to update the changelog for these updates, some things happened.

1.1.4: Started making things prettyful. At least the first 3 levels have backgrounds to them. But other wall tiles have new icons on them describing the conditions they require (warning: ugly). Pausing is a thing as well as returning to the hub/main menu. There is a pseudo save system implemented. (to unlock all of the stages type: unlock all). The ability to kick things is in, because why not. Crashing bugs mostly squashed but report any if you find any.

1.1.3: lost in translation

1.1.2: Apparently I had broken something that made all of the levels in world 1 accessible, that's fixed now sorry.

1.1.1: 27 levels of shadowy goodness, flash lights, toy cars, the whole shibang. Including a boss fight and secret message for having all of the stages unlocked.


1.0.6: Fixed a bug that would crash the game if you had the flashlight on and moved between rooms, also included the instructions on how to interact with levers. Sorry.

1.0.5: Added 13 more levels and made a reminder to never push builds at 6 am.

1.0.4: Fixed a bug where you'd be stuck under the floor in the bedroom if you reset at the end of the game (spoiler alert: you can play the game again if you finish) Inadvertently removed 13 levels from the game. Download if you want the express experience.

1.0.3: HP bar added not that you really need it currently unless you keep getting hit, changed the way you can "sink" into the floor*

1.0.2: Forgot to remove some debugger text and adjust some things

*sidenote: it's there for unstucking purposes and nothing else and will be removed permanently once I can get some better collisions working

Also if anyone wants I can make some more levels.

Install instructions

It's a single executable exe, so no set up required thanks to Yo-Yo games' Game Maker.


ShadowGame Demo Day 9 Edition-Fixed Menu.exe 3 MB

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